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You just found the best store in Muskegon, Michigan to buy and sell your Rock & Roll CD collections as well as your DVD collections, Game Units, and video games.

If you are looking for something special please give us a call.  Our inventory changes every day!

Everything you buy from us is Guaranteed!

Selling your stuff??? Bring in the merchandise so we can see what we’re buying.  The condition of the items is very important to us!

We carry over 12,000 CD’s, Vinyl, DVD’s, Blu-ray, Video Games, and Video Game Systems.  What we do not have in stock we can put on reservation for you.  That means WE call YOU when it comes in!

All your questions can be quickly answered by a quick visit to the store.


CD Exchange Muskegon



CD Exchange Muskegon

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CD Exchange Muskegon

Corner of Henry & Broadway Muskegon

231 760-4220

What we Buy & Sell

CD’s: Rock, Pop, Rap, R&B, Religious, Comedy, Soundtracks, & Various Rock is our staple!  We always need more, have some? Bring them in for cash!

Vinyl: …you know records and occasionally Record players for sale also.

DVDs & Blu-Ray discs: Movies, Seasons, Concerts

Games: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 64, Nintendo NES & SNES, Playstation, 1, 2, 3, XBOX, & XBOX 360, Controllers, Cords, Memory Cards, etc..

Vintage: Any thing Nintendo NES, SNES, N64, Systems & Games

Systems: We will look at anything, must be in good clean, working condition

Ipods: Shuffle, Nano, Video’s, Touch, IPads

Tablets and iPads

Posters and Stickers


Monday-Saturday 10-9

Sunday 12-5

Get off the couch and check us out!                                               Over 12,00 items in stock!

                          We are your new favorite store and you don’t even know it yet!

Our Motto,  “We pay more and sell for less!”


CD Exchange Muskegon

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Thanks for visiting CD Exchange Muskegon’s website, next up for you is a trip to the actual store. Clean out the kids closets and turn those boxes of old video games and CDs into CASH!

CD Exchange Muskegon